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Old School RuneScape: the Vampyre city of Darkmeyer

Thursday, June 4, 2020, Cambridge, UK-With the launch of Darkmeyer, the world of old-school RuneScape is growing again today. This new content distribution has a dramatic mission fathers Sin-which provides an opportunity to unlock the door to Darkmeyer, the vampire city. If you want to get better performance in the game, then you can consider Buy RS3 Gold with a cheap price can help you improve your ability most efficiently and let you get a better gaming experience.

Father’s sin brought the player to the blood of a long storyline, seeing the freedom fighter Myreque trying to liberate the dark swamp of Morytania from the evil forces of the frightened vampire leader Lord Dragan. Complete the sins of God the Father and open the dark city that was previously inaccessible. Within its walls, players will find a large number of new shops, conveniences, enemies, and skill methods, including Halloween graveyard agility courses and essence mines.

Essence Mine provides players with a new method of training Runecrafting skills by using the mysterious power of Darkmeyer deposits. The Hallowed Sepulcher is a new mini-game where players can train their agile skills through the booby trap where the long-dead citizens of the ancient castle Hallowvale lived.

Mike Donatelli, Product Director of Old School RuneScape, said:

"Myreque is a dramatic storyline that is close to the hearts of many players. This is one of the oldest and longest quest series in the game. Players love to understand the history of vampires and the elusive Lord Dragan. As always, we are in Darkmeyer and have worked closely with the Old School RuneScape community throughout the development process, and with the support of more than 55,000 voting participants, it has received the strong support of approximately 90%."

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