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Dcroft choked. Dude was scared to throw the ball

Dcroft choked. Dude was scared to throw the ball. Didn't possess a pass attempt until like 30 seconds. Mind you he called maybe 6 passing plays before that Mut 20 coins and took 5 sacks and kept running the same play with the same alterations. Madden nfl is trash.Yeah Madden nfl is clearly broken but man did Dcroft choke, seemed so scared to even try and throw the balland walked his QB from clean pockets into defenders right and left. I was amazed that the commentators were not mentioning how awful his pocket presence was. He looked like a rookie QB out and runs right into a d lineman that was obstructed.

T has become more broken since then. It's only a disgrace. This is exactly what happens when there's no rivalry. They can Madden nfl and it would sell tens of millions each year. Yeah, it'a because individuals are drawn to MUT and new rosters. That's their main selling points every year, and they make money through microtransactions than through sales of Madden nfl.

He exploited the Xfactor players. Employed a punter for a QB when building his roster, because it was cheap as hell. He used the QB cash saved to acquire an Xfactor Center,Tackle and that I believe 2 Xfactors on protection and then used Gayle Sayers to cram the ball down peoples throats. Mainly played with that and the franchise style was sort of a mess. Cpu never used their cap area and the draft courses were scripted so you knew who was good afterwards like 3 saves.Probably and famous view, but I would take the scripted classes with entertaining and lively storylines over that which we have today.

I'm convinced it had its flaws but I would literally take a port of Madden'08 franchise style in to current gen, think that is one of the last iterations that had mini-games as"training camp" where you could enhance skill points/overall, contracts were more realistic (IIRC), restricted free agency which actually included draft pick reimbursement from AI teams, OC/DC/ST along with buy Madden nfl 20 coins other teams hiring them off, retired players getting coaches. Seriously, just give me that franchise mode and I'll be content for now.


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