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I'll throw in my two pennies for Construction

I'll throw in my two pennies for Construction. Seriously. Construction and OSRS gold unbuilding them got me from 33-70 in a flash, for the Void Series of quests. I think that's pretty much the very cost-effective means to do it, also, especially if you plank-make all your oak logs. I don't recall the level need for Plank Make, however.

For Agility, I suggest doing the Brimhaven arena + tickets until 55 so which you can go until the Wildy, that gives you like 500 xp each run. It does not seem like a good deal but if you don't pay attention to what you're clicking, you'll find yourself increasing those previous five levels fairly fast.

Smithing, I did the Artisan's Workshop - but that the ingots downstairs. There is not a great deal of clicking involved, along with the xp is pretty consistent. Farming, just plant whatever maximal level that you have, then leave. It's that simple. That's about all that I can think of atm. Of course, these are merely the methods I've used/would use, therefore if someone else has another opinion, then that's great!

I've also got around 20m to spend on whatever I want. What setup/levels do you really believe I'll have to successfully complete the battle caves and choose on jad? Also use a lucky spirit shield or a prayer fostering shield if you're able to. Apart from that only bring bolts and whatever else you use generally. If you can afford it use the brand new 6 dose potions.

You need to bring an inventory similiar to this: 21 Super restores, 7 Brews or 6 Brews and Enhanced Excalibur. Try to RuneScape 2007 gold stay calm once you reach jad, eventually take a break. You can also practice some prayer swapping at some monsters, I bet there is one which utilize two strikes someplace.


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