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I would suggest using the xp on summoning

Disregarding RuneScape 2107 gold everything above, I would suggest using the xp on summoning because summoning benefits more from the bonus xp, since you save both money and time collecting charms. You know how formerly summoning always had a 1.1x multiplier on incentive xp weekends unlike other abilities in order to not be unbalanced? Well, this time it's just like any other ability, so I'd take advantage of this if I needed summoning xp.

I think that it's about time that I get the hang of that ability. Right now, I am 63 in that ability. But the only encounter I have with that ability (I am doing this, not the true exp for getting a higher level), is from about 5 times going solo. I have like maybe a couple of hundred tokens and as a result of this I can't enjoy any benefits from dungeoneering (I really need a bonecrusher to get hunter/combat coaching ).

The way I got my exp from the ability is by tears of guthix, jack of trades, penguin points, and lamps from sof and quests. I kinda cheated my way through the skill and now I'm a dungeoneering noob at level 63. So, please enlighten me in the ways of Dungeoneering. How do I get tokens quickly, what would be the best practises (and (un)written rules) of playing a team and lastly what's this prestige item?

Prestige is something you do as soon as you finish all of your floors. Let's say I did Floor 1 using Prestige 1. Prestige 1 way I completed 1 floor then pressed on the prestige button. So, I'll get fine XP. But let us say I was on Floor 31 and I'd Prestige 1: I'd get lower XP. Prestige, in addition to Floor, are your base XP rates for the dungeon you complete (then, level-mod, deaths, etc. slip in). So, if you complete 30 flooring, you press prestige, and then you do floor 31. You're xp should be around 100%, due to the average involving your cheap RuneScape gold stature and your floor. So, that is prestige.


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