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I wish Madden still had in depth career trainer information

I wish Madden still had in depth career trainer information and Madden 21 coins data like this

It is mad that this is in Madden nfl. Have been gone. Madden is evolving backward. I totally hate there are no coordinators and there's absolutely no coaching tree and that I hate there is no stat monitoring in CFM. Kills the immersion. If they'd just give me next year I would be so happy.Absolutely, I could overlook the glitchy gameplay and animations when there was at least some immersion with all the coaches and players stats. If they had this in Madden 07 and 08, why cant they comprise it in Madden 21? It is a shame guy, I would rather play Madden 07 in my PS2 than some other new Madden.

Yea. They could do with training. Hire DC and OC. The players are given a boost by better ones. Ability to fire. Ability hire trainers and to go through a process. Not bid when he declines get trapped with some clown and on one. Yeah no doubt, this is Madden 07 and I had Nick Saban as my OC. And its really cool since you can see that groups are bidding for that trainer, and you can view their stats such as comprehension, charisma, and motivation. I cant believe just how much more detail is at a football match on PS2. Even agency is better for the older games. Being able to see their pursuits for your group, and if you have a chance at signing them.

I miss the time when you could hire former gamers after their retirement since coaches and coordinators, or gamers could retire and then you'd see them. I never build new stadiums because they took the choices to sell naming rights from Madden nfl. But hey, they have 572 helmet and mask combinations. That makes it all worth it. I wish madden had exactly what the ncaa soccer game had where you can pick a team and be DC or the OC then depending on buy Mut 21 coins how you educated be offered a contract for the exact same position or head coaching job on another group.


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