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you don't loose that cash.

My 3rd measure will probably be cooking Monkfish from 90-94 Cooking. My final step is Sharks from RuneScape gold 94-99. They're a 46gp difference so cooking 24,238 will just lose me 1,114,948. Please inform me if I calculated this particular right.

41 Mage... Im going to be utilizing Fire Bolt so I should be able to reach around 15ish. Together with the secure place I must be helpful against the tree spirit right? What im contribute to resist the tree soul on entrana. So yes this does mean I'll be utilizing Mage AND Range. Thats possible ? correct me if im wrong. And shud I juss purchase cheap wizard robes and not risk my mystic robes?

Today I wanted to make a new Runescape account, and that I needed to have something related to the phrase"blaze." It got suspicious when I began to bring a number, because that didn't work either. Then I just clicked the phrase"blaze" and then something arbitrary like"t32wy4" and STILL didn't get the job done. So maybe Jagex will not let people have the term"Blaze" in their username, or is it a bug?

I really just wanted to create a personality that has a fantastic username. Why does Jagex do so? It is not a cuss word or anything, and it doesn't show any kind of"-ism" (what I mean by"-ism" is stuff like: racism, sexism, terrorism... you get it done.) . . .basiclly if there's the word"Blaze" on your username, you can't have it which is idiotic. So I had an ultimate match card that I still had with one month left, so now I tried to use it on the same accounts that had it because I still use it occasionally and it says it's already redeemed! WTF? Now I can not get on the forums and ask for assistance by a Jagex Moderator.

Even if it is common or slang, if he used Blaze56748we and it still didn't work, that is like a 0.1 in 1billion that somebody thought of the exact same name. So either it's probably bugged. It's what it means. People frequently use variations of blaze to mean they are getting large, or are high on marijuana. Jagex doesn't appear to be large on drugs other than alchohol. So that should explain the reason why they wont let people make user names like that.

Concerning the sport card: You've stated that you've already used it. It might be that you are a couple of cents short. Since they're 20$, and also a runescape membership is slightly over that, it should be good for 3 of these. I am convinced there's some kind of way that you'd be able to bring the remaining balance to another card so you don't loose that cash. I don't use those cardso don't take my word for that. I am just saying what would seem to be the issue. I'm also not positive if you can transfer funds . If they function like a prepaid card card that OSRS buy gold I don't see why they wouldn't, therefore it's worth a try.


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