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I would love to place it on a challenging skill

I'll Discuss OSRS gold the melee KO part. On D'haroks, using a HIGH LEVEL WEAPON E.G. DRAGON CLAWS, AGS attempt to finish him off with the specials. 90+ Power by an AGS, I've 2 hitted him ocaisionally. Afterward, range Ahrims, Mage the melee brothers together with Slayer dart/salamander, and you'll have another round of specials to the poor sap at the torso. The emptiness way is mainly just using Total emptiness with hats, then employing any preceding style, although I would suggest a freeze/SD/Sally, actually.

Today I got my first Effigy, off Fire Giants. It was really quick to finish at w117 Daemonheim, but today I'm stumped: what do I use the lamp on? Dragonkin lamps are calculated to give high levels of xp in elevated levels, unlike many lamps that are calculated to give high amounts of xp a mid levels (comparatively ). As an example, at level 40 at a skill with a lamp out of one of the tutors (no more available), I would get 2k experience. However at level 80, I would only get 4k experience.

With a Dragonkin lamp, in level 40 I will get 3,240 expertise, however a level 80 I will get 25,360 xp. As a result it's well worth putting the lamp onto a skill which I have a high level in, but not at a skill where I could easily gain experience. Regrettably, the most expensive skills to level for me personally would be the cheapest level. As you can see, it would be pointless to set the lamp on herblore or summoning, and probably on prayer. Though construction is an alternative, it's not that pricey, and I am stuck wondering what to do-my hgihset ability, woodcutting, is fast to level and just level 70. I would love to place it on a challenging skill, but this could be a waste. What cheap RuneScape gold skill should I put it on?


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