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What weapon/armor if I get (see above for cash/liquidity)? ) Abyssal whip?

What RuneScape gold weapon/armor if I get (see above for cash/liquidity)? ) Abyssal whip? Should I hold off on buying any weapons since the purchase price of high-level weapons could crash with all the Old-Wilderness-Free-Trade that will soon be coming to Runescape? Or should I take a risk and purchase the Abyssal Whip? What armour should I be using? Are there any other items in P2P that I can make good use of, during this limited time (given the restrictions I've previously mentioned)?

Okay, so I only completed training some abilities and now I want to do something bigger, I want to acquire all abilities on hiscores, but that can wait if Ilike the idea haha, want summoning, dungeoneering and farming, alright so here are my own abilities if you want them, allow me to decide a new 99 possibly, or something like a significant achievement, thanks. Also, please put how to achieve the thing you will say, and cost if it costs, stuff like this xd.

Currently: Lighting maple logs to get out of 67 to about 85 firemaking, just to train some thing, does not mean I can't do anything else. Cash: Around 2.5m as I spent money to buy bandos chest and purchased 20k walnut logs. All quest w/o becoming over 1 Def, 50 Atk and 45 Prayer: Assuming you are just 1 at the stats when you start...

I strongly suggest you do any prayer based quests continue. If you start prayer, you will not be good until higher combat (such as 75 strength+). If you remain 1, you can pk a lot sooner and help avoid that"all work and no play" issue which many pures do. This helps keep most people inspired. You might even stop at 50 attack for granite mauling first. Remain legit man. 90 percent of pures (that's a made up statistic, but it's probably unfortunately true ) nowadays are botted, combat brace buy RS gold sporting nubs.


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