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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Will Update New Content at July 3

When players are tired of the content of the game, the addition of new features will bring you a new experience, and the timing of Nintendo's update is perfect. "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" due to the lack of new content, developers recently announced an update on July 3, which added major new features. This makes people look forward to, want to not miss the latest Animal Crossing: New Horizons related information, pay attention to ACBellsBuy, not only have various strategies, but you can also Buy ACNH Bells at an affordable price.

The most obvious are swimming and diving. This option previously appeared in "Animal Crossing: New Leaf" and will debut in the Nintendo Switch title. Players need to wear a wetsuit to swim and dive around the island. Players can't go far, but they can hug the coast and find new sea creatures to add to their museum, which may even frighten Blathers.

In addition to swimming, Pascal (Red Sea Otter) will also appear in "New Horizons". He likes scallops. If players find scallops, they can trade them to him to make recipes with the theme of a mermaid.

Finally, Gulliver has a wardrobe change. His dress is more like a pirate, helping him to get special rewards from players. Although his task of finding the correspondent’s work is sometimes superfluous, it is indispensable for obtaining the gold shovel as a reward. It was good to see Gulliver washed away on the beach.

In summary, "New Horizons" looks like it will continue to keep fans busy. Being able to swim provides new opportunities to explore the game and creates new ways to create more bells in the game. If you just want to experience the game, instead of wasting too much time to collect Animal Crossing Bells, then it is recommended that you buy Animal Crossing Bells at, which only requires little cost and brings more happiness.

This feature may inspire some players to redesign their islands and make full use of the rocky coast and pier, which looks like a starting point for swimming. The function itself looks good, you can switch the game to a bird's-eye view so that players can jump to the bottom to pick up the red starfish and other creatures.

There is also some interesting news about possible future updates, including the possibility of fruits and vegetables, seafood, cooking, and the third upgrade to Nook Cranny.
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