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They are also all a bit too sweet

I also Animal Crossing Bells don't need to discount your preferences, but I just can't personally see the things that made previous entrances magnitudes better. I feel like I've stuck with NH for much longer then NL or WW.

Then that criticism also applies to the other matches except maybe the first. I also feel like people are missing/ignoring the new dialog added every month ingame and the fact that villagers will typically say something special if you speak to them more than 2-3 times. It's not like older games did not have the difficulties of dialogue repeating villagers of the identical kind feeling like the same individual.

The situational conversation the first 2-3 times is definitely the worst aspect of speaking to villagers and most likely why folks think they have no personality. The humorous and interesting dialog being concealed behind it makes it tedious sometimes. I really don't care that somebody saw me burying money again yesterday, I wish to hear about your wacky antics!

They are also all a bit too sweet, which seems kind of bland and generic. But frankly I've never been randomly told off by a few of my friends/neighbors IRL therefore it's realistic in a way. Just a little sass would not hurt, however.

I don't feel like villagers were really that more diverse in older games. Realistically it comes down to having matters to do/reasons to check in about the sport that keeps people playing. I am not convinced a little more dialog is the gap between 50 hours and 500.

I would like to see some data on this. It actually feels like there is more diverse conversation in this one than in any the prior one's to me, and I have got countless hours in each game. Only difference is the absence of meaner villagers cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Miles Ticket compared to the first.


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