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Incidentally I got 200 quest points

After about a year away, I'm returning to playing Runescape. I'm kind of overwhelmed by all the new items. I left just when they introduced farming partly because I think farming is dull, and my bank account was totally filled up with these seeds. Anyhow, I've converted the majority of the things in my own bank to cash in the GX. I have about 1.8m golden. Most of my money came from conducting character or thieving seeds. For armor, I still have a full blue Dragon and Total Rune Set. I have a magical bow and a rune scimmy for OSRS gold my primary weapons. My complete level is 941 and also my highest combat skill is Ranged in 53. My greatest moneymaking abilities are mining, fishing, and cooking.

I've all of the easier quests from a year or two ago, but there is a good deal of quests I don't have , but the quests which I'd left when I ceased playing seemed really challenging. It seems like there's been a few simpler ones added since. I can not go back to playing 8-10 hours every week. But I want to play a little when I have the time. I don't think some of my old online friends are around anymore. What quests would you go on, what stuff would you get? What skills do you train? Are any of those new skills fun to train? Should I join a clan? Please allow me to know if you have some guidance for me.

Alright I constantly like to explain my posts. I've been doing quests for weeks now and currently I am 83 battle. The majority of us know the requirements for the cape. I want some combat requirements. I need 60 range, 66 mage, 50 prayer, 65 defence, and the killer thing that will mess it all up is 59 slayer. I want to possess 59 slayer and still be at least 85 combat(which is called lowest level for pursuit cape). Those are my present combat skills. I want them to be in the requirement but still be at 85-87 combat with 59 slayer. I could use range and magic on my slayer tasks. Thats just one way. Still some other tips? Incidentally I got 200 quest buy School RuneScape Gold points. Oh yea this is edit. Forgot, I have 36 slayer from the way.


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