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You think you would like the classic wow gold

You think you would like the classic wow gold current wow devs creating new wow classic gold content, but you dont.

Considering TBC is where the retail rot started (heroics, dailies, flying mounts, one designated city for several of the high level players, arena being the only kind of PvP that things, category homogenization), I would rather take my chances with wow classic gold+ than TBC.

Realistically, there's really only about a year of articles in Vanilla. When they were to create wow classic gold seasons, then I think they should trim it down to 4 phases, each lasting 3 months.

Even TBC will feel stretched thin. On servers that are private, there's typically a major drop off in participation the minute Illidan dies, a bit like how it is currently with Cthun in wow classic gold.

The isle will most probably be buy gold classic wow dreadful this time around. P2 was super lame on some servers, envision that although all of the time.

Alliance community all needs to get together to stack on a few servers, but then that means all the Horde will run if its even only 55-60 Ally lol I was hyped for wow classic gold, but then I cleared rag in my first raid with like 4 prebis items and realized it's all so simple and the gameplay is crappy. I stuck around just because I found a really fun guild. Bot frankly I would be rather doing anything else together.


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