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As with content we add to RuneScape

It has been two weeks since we released the Squeal of Fortune and OSRS gold we all desired to take the opportunity to respond to some of the player feedback, correct some misconceptions regarding the popularity of the update, motives behind the update and importantly outline why it's also here to stay.

First of all I wish to say thank you for everyone who has delivered us comments about the current Squeal of Fortune updates. We made the Squeal of Fortune in the outset to be a fun and light-hearted attribute to RuneScape, providing players a new method to get free rewards every day that they log in to RuneScape. Much like a lot of our updatesour members always receive extra benefits like double the free spins daily and we've evolved it since launch -- supplying all our players many additional ways to make free Squeal spins inside the game.

We recognise that a few in the community have mixed feelings about the Squeal of Fortune and, whilst we invest a great deal of effort and time producing game experiences that resonate with the vast majority of our players, the truth is due to the epic dimension of our community it simply is not possible to please all of our players all the time despite desperately trying too. Therefore our doctrine has always been to do what is right for the long-term health of the game, a fact many of the long standing player will understand I've consistently done through the years no matter the initial pain, together with the not so distant Bot nuke a fantastic example. I can confidently state that we've always been rewarded for doing the proper thing in the long run and the fact now is that the game is not just always improving but our neighborhood steadily grows year on year.

Nevertheless, all the feedback we get for our upgrades and the way the community engage with it is still extremely important to us. We have been reading your posts on the forums and listened to some concerns. As a result of your comments, we implemented a few changes to the way Squeal of Fortune functions, such as adding new ways to cheap RS gold get additional spins as in-game rewards and also introducing additional payment protection for everyone in sport purchases as soon as players informed us it was an issue.


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