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Familiarity brought in by heading to OSRS gold

Analytics should have guessed the extra players and familiarity brought in by heading to OSRS gold Steam would offset the loss from Valve's cut, after a particular point anyways.

Mtx sold through Steam is significantly less cash for Jagex following Steams cut. Reading that RuneScape will Steam really sounds like a meme to me.

The Jagex back then killed that match using an obscene number of microtransactions and just general bad choices. We were forced to quit, and after start over. If We Would like to voice our opinions on a shitty pay-to-win match, you can not stop usand you are likely to need to be more convincing if You Would like to talk us out of it In case you've got legitimate gripes about it and really think that it's a poor match, go on and leave a negative inspection --but make certain that you really REVIEW it and explain WHY you think that way.

Steam might be the thing which keeps RS3 residing for the ones that like it, and there are a lot of people around who like RS3. Review bombing it is just idiotic, without RS3 we 

wouldn't have OSRS today and without RS3 in the future OSRS would call for improved revenue which would attract MTX into the fore.

RS3 still really makes more money than OSRS. With no RS3 Jagex loses a whole lot of revenue and has to make it up somewhere or else it just collapses.

Then you're like me, and we are going to ignore it like we have been ignoring RS3 for years. No need to fire the match if Jagex gave us exactly what we wanted, which was OSRS.

That is the entire point of user reviews, to allow potential players are buy runescape mobile gold aware that the second an alternative popped up, you jumped ship because the item is garbage. Review bombing is bad, but is avoiding any negative reviews.

MMOs are ever-changing beasts and not playing for a couple of years really can put you out of the loop. On top of that, there were always alternatives to rs3. If you love OSRS and had to wait for it to come outside to depart rs3, then you probably enjoy rs3 too, even if you hate some aspects of it. Leave the warnings to people who now play it.

I really don't think he is saying to not depart legitimate criticism. He's asking people who play osrs exclusively (I stopped runescape years ago and did not arrive back until osrs published on mobile so that I never played rs3) to not flame the review board just because it's a popular to hate on RS3.


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