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Now that botting appears to have switched

Now that botting appears to have switched into OSRS gold the public business, I have included a questionnaire in this subject to find out if any of you have been a part of these new'Player Bots', but don't worry, it's anonymous. I am just curious what everyone's opinion is about if botting has increased, decreased, or stayed the same, and some of you have been tempted to it in the past. So, what exactly do I mean by'First Amendment'? I mean meeting someone for an initial time. It may be someone's friend that he's stated will sell you some things you need, or it might be an entire stranger that you meet while killing Fire Giants. Whoever it was, where ever it was, you must have made a decision just after fulfilling them should you would like to create a friendship or continue speaking to them, or remain cold and quiet. There is some questions in the conclusion for you to reply as usual, like!

The Beginning. From as far ago as I remember, I realised somebody in their Combat level at first. This told me if they had been an experienced player, who could maybe help me who I could just talk to. The Combat level proved to be a great indicator when I was, well a noob, let us be honest. I had no clue what Rune Armour was or that the impressive cape they were wearing wanted Legend's Quest to purchase and wear. seriously!

Diffent Types of People. As I progressed, I learnt of Skillers, Pures, Combaters, Merchanters and Forum/Player Moderators. Skillers may have a huge number of total experience and great levels, but be under level 70. To solve this, I learnt of those outfits; the nice capes they were wearing were infact Skillcapes, which had level 99 in a skill to get one! For this I respected individuals with those capes hugely, my highest stat was around 34.

Pures could have a large amount of combat experience, with several stats like Power, Ranged and Magic at level 99 but be level 75-85. I thought this was bizarre and pointless, I do, but that I still needed to differentiate between Pures and other players. I switched to two items here; the title and what they wore. If the title was something like,'X mxrng3pk X' (if that is the name( sorry) and their combat level was rather low, I could separate them as a potential . Then I looked in what they wore, if it was Ranged equipment, or if they had been alching, I had been cheap RS gold fairly sure that they could be a pure, so that's pures sorted.


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