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legion is excellent for classic wow gold

Leveling a warrior now and 100-110 feels like the best time I've had so far.Unpopular remarks: legion is excellent for classic wow gold many things but I ultimately hate it for the introduction of AP system. 

Thanks to thiswe have many assload of grindy systems.Why can not the gear progressions be only related to Raids and arena for pve and pvp?Don'thate the game, be annoyed that Blizzard appears incapable of evolving.The way they inserted AP into Legion legitimately worked forLegion, but when you pull the same notion to BFA and Shadowlands it gets bothersome and muddled.Why do either of those games needANYTHING that needs to be ground out? For the armor? The covenant? There aren't any weapon drops, it ought to get better, nicelyplayers require a way to improve it and doing it as a fillable pub just makes sense. 
It didn't really make sense for your HoAbecause finally it was just a fresh step to basically get a talent choice on what is the equivalent of collection whycould not they come up with a fun new concept to get talents circles onto set gear?I fear that even without having to grind Animain Shadowlands, it's still not going to truly make sense or be required. It's basically a fillable pub for something that'sessentially a reputation. . .something that, like set pieces, already exists in the match so why not produce a fun, fresh,refreshing take on Reputations to buy gold wow classic eu operate with covenants rather than parading out a currently 2 expansion old thought that's ashell of what it did in Legion?
I love how people completely forgot that the cluster fuck that was the hidden legendarieslimitation at the Beginning, artifact power making it impossible to play with offspecs, just the overall randomness of any loot orthe time locked winners hallway questingPeople didn't forget those issues but people also know that the game is not all aboutloot. Legion attracted so many good things to the game such as Suramar, mage tower, so order hallways, M+ etc.


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