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Why they are doing this who cares

Why they are doing this who cares, can we respect that mut coins madden 21 something is being done by them? I imagine that they already sent media policy stuff to various publications in preparation of launch which trailer, and instead they're most likely spending a lot of time sending mails to say they are delaying it. Seeing a lot Properly they are currently doing nothing. To that, I will just answer, they might still do less by simply silently pushing back any planned trailer reveals, and that this is still a company twitter which means somebody needed to get the tweet approved on a certain level, which means someone did something. It is not a lot, but again... Still something.

Some art guy somewhere spent 15 minutes putting platitudes on a black backdrop and they tweeted out it. I have seen a dozen of them and it's about as useful as putting about the rainbow icons for pride. By attempting to appear sympathetic it is advertising during a tragedy. But I think that it's something. Were folks. The one I liked the most was,"But movie Madden NFL are a perfect distraction for stressful times like these!" Those people most likely don't give a shit about Madden anyway, if you say you would like a diversion while half of the nation is are protesting, it kinda makes you look like a dick.

But police brutality and NFL are two themes which have been intertwined with each other these last couple of years because of all the protests. Perhaps it is going to help knock some sense into somebody. If not, maybe it'll piss them off, I'm fine with this too, because fuck em. And they might have achieved nothing. They could have waited a couple weeks for it to blow over and published it. This manner gets the message out there, even if they've business motives that are absurd, it's far better than nothing.

They might have just quietly made no announcement and sent countless mails out to the press stating they had been delaying the afternoon they were officially releasing the trailer. That tweet likely had to get approval from some people high up. Sure they can do more, but they could do. Perhaps this paves the way for more gaming companies making pseudo announcements? Majority of larger announcements planned for this week if that cheap Mut 21 coins doesn't get a peaceful resolution in the next few days.


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