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RuneScape transactions will be greatly improved in this rework

For anyone who used to dislike RuneScape’s Grand Exchange, you will know how bad it is. Grand Exchange is a multi-server trading system that allows players to sell items to each other. This is an auction house where most game transactions are conducted.

However, as in the case of RuneScape, its various spaghetti codes and poor optimization still have many shortcomings. Thankfully, Jagex's Ninja team finally redesigned it 13 years after its release. If you need to view the complete patch content, you can follow the official homepage of RuneScape, and if you need to Buy Runescape Gold and get the latest information, you can follow

Big exchange rework

So far, the most significant improvement is that the Grand Exchange now uses client-side prediction instead of relying on game quotes. For most games, it is possible to use an integrated scale system. However, RuneScape relies on 600 milliseconds of game ticking. In other words, for each action submitted to the server, the player must wait 0.6 seconds before responding-excluding the waiting time.

Now, the introduction of client-side prediction means that the input and output of large exchanges will be several times faster. It will become easier for players to use navigation and purchase necessary items (especially bulk items).

This alone will make many players feel excited, but the Ninja team does not stop there. RuneScape has also introduced the various quality of life improvement measures to modernize the Grand Exchange. This includes the addition of a 20% price change button (for instant purchases or instant sales), the ability to edit quotes without first deleting the quote, and the "Favorites" tab. The latter allows players to save up to 18 items on separate tabs for easy purchase.

For many old MMOs, outdated features are a serious problem. RuneScape has been in existence since 2001, so naturally, some of its systems are not performing well. This is why such updates (often underestimated) eventually become the most important updates. will continue to bring you the latest information about Runescape, and players can also Buy Runescape Gold on our website at the most affordable price. This will be of great help to your gaming experience.


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