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Do you think this can cause other Japanese publishers

Do you think this can cause other Japanese publishers to PSO2 Meseta for sale shy away from the west? I think that is the true long-term worry. They always appear to ignore the free money on the table from a NA/EU release of things.They just don't appear to care for their western audience at all. Since it is pretty much free money it's baffling but they just can not be arsed to try. I am beginning to think they can't be bothered to study it because they would have to read English and it would be too much of a pain. That said I don't believe this launch will change things. I mean that the servers are still full despite all the issues.

That is rather harsh and never understood that the sentiment behind the hatred for PSU. Maybe because my first encounter with Phantasy Star was with PSU therefore I grip it with a little more praise (nostalgia) than many. From what I could gather it seems was only some launching difficulties, lower than meseta prices, and Phantasy Star Online 2 being fairly challenging as a solo player.

And that is just 1 ship/server from 3 and not counting all of the people who refused to leave the JP version. PC users now outnumber ones that are XB1. I think SEGA really underestimated precisely how much individuals loved the first PSO, and how much interest there was in a new one -- notably with all the MMO drought of the last half decade. I believe that the failure of PSU from the west actually turned off them releasing PSO2 with any sort of fanfare, however, the difference is that PSU was an awful game which couldn't appear to decide if it wanted to be one or multiplayer game with the soundtrack being the only real thing (this is actually just the map select screen). Hell, even in Japan, they fell the PSU branding and called it PSO2.

I do not even think it's a case of people I would imagine most folks have never played with the first. I believe PC players are starved for a new MMO experience at the moment. I believe that fresh MMO high is being chased by everyone. They have completely under estimated how many people would play Phantasy Star Online 2. We have 3 boats over here, in comparison with the 12 in JP. It is insane to me that a game would be released by them and expect for it to buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta do good with a fraction of funds. And it shows, the client can't manage the number of players packed in the lobbies and everybody is operating 10FPS of the time.


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