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What is the reason why the Grand Exchange price

What is the reason why the Grand Exchange price sometimes not adjust to OSRS Gold reflect demand and supply? Any other examples are possible which will show how Grand Exchange prices don't appear to fluctuate in response to current supply/demand.

Gielinor's technology level is primarily based on the 15th or 16th century (a period admittedly longer than many RPGs that are fantasy) However, with Renaissance garb, cannon-topped castles and castles with cannons There are some interesting historical relics.

A lot of homes and structures now have sinks that supply running water. This is a breakthrough that wasn't feasible in real life until years afterward. While this could be a consequence of magic, it would nevertheless have an enormous impact on the society.

There are many other examples to be identified. The most notable is the modernity and absurdity of devices such as the Elemental Workshop, which are powered by magic. But, their designs are completely out of synch with the rest.

Although less concrete but still tangible - although not nearly anachronistic, per say is the huge number of real-world names found on Gielinor. Although I don't like the idea of Gielinorian peoples being from Earth, it is possible that vestiges of "ancient names" might still be around. However they'd likely been drastically altered and Old School RS Gold were not commonly used.


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