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Runescape A New Chinning Method

I was looking at RuneScape Gold treasure trails when I came across this website. It said that you should not dig more than once because it could cause multiple Zamorak wizards. I noticed that some locations you can find wilderness coordinates are multicombat. Zamorak wizards are weak at range, are decently lp 730 and frequently drop death runes of 45.

Quick prayers are a good option to keep the magic away. Turn them on when ready and then use the spade. Zamorak wizards will spawn. They will be able to chit. Use your rune crossbow when you're finished with your wizards. Then, spam dig again. Then, back to the chinning

The Cost:1 45 death rune drop is 30 chinchompas. It requires 1 prayer potion to maintain that's likely to kill around 20 wizards. So, if the drop of death runes is 10%, you'll are breaking the cost of even. However the rate of death is likely to be higher than 10%. It doesn't take an entire pot of cheeks to throw 30. Are there any mistakes? Discuss and then test.

Template for Runescape Poh Layout.This isn't intended to be a proposal for an Guide to Sal's work or any other thing. This sketch is just a rough sketch. I thought it might be useful to other people and could help those who are frustrated with the way their home "shapes up".

Here is here is a Template to help you design the layout of the home of your dreams. This was a design I created to help me rid myself of Buy OSRS Fire Cape frustration with my house's arrangement and how messy the rooms were. 


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