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You would get about 400 points per game average | Letsliveexcitingl...
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You would get about 400 points per game average

You would get about 400 points per game average

The Heart Stone: The center stone is exactly what powers each one the players in OSRS Items this game. It provides the power for every player to call home, without it their hitpoints will immediately empty to zero. The rock is the goal of those opposing teams , for when it expires, the match is over.

This rock is surely capable of protecting itself though. Although of low protection, (compare to 40 protection in black dragon conceal ), it posses 250 hitpoints, and the capability to use security prayers. It switches between shielding melee and shielding range. Magic attacks won't be as effective on it as melee or range because of the rock's incredible magical power.

Getting points: Attackers get points for how much harm they deal during the game. Defenders it is a mixture of just how much damage you deal to attackers and how harm they dealt to your own stone. Healers get points based on how much they heal. You would get about 400 points per game average.

Rewards: All spells in the game can be purchased using points acquired from the sport. 2000 points for Heal, plus 30k. 8000 for Mend, plus 60k. 16000 for Save, also 120k. 32000 for Resurrect, also 500k. You could also use you are points to purchase any rune from the sport, and you've got access to some other armor sets. For magic you can buy Yagathian Robes, (not doing stats, but I'd say just under Ahrims). They need 65 defense and 65 magical to wear. It would be attractive because it comprises reasonable melee and variety defense and includes a shield which includes good defensive stats along with a little range bonus. For rangers there's the Sirsalian Leather set.

The time that has past since Zanik went into the box hasn't affected her. Her body may have no response, or she could go through extreme aging, which could leave some nasty side affects. Well. . .how can we start the box? It was a secret elven technique. Combine a spear made of Buy RS3 Gold steel with a pure crystal, then enchant it. This could unlock the box, freeing Zanik.


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