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I just started as well and if you'd like a really good money

I just started as well and if you'd like a really good money maker make a few necklaces out of OSRS gold gold bars. I left 12,000 of these and made 1.7m golden! Generally people suggest doing all free to perform quests to get started. If you decide to go members, the first bond will be difficult to get with gold. It's a whole lot simpler to maintain membership with in-game gold when you are a member. The general recommandation for new members is to work towards barrows gloves (receipe for disaster quest, it's a long chain you may look on the wiki). The quest requirements give you goals to work towards and also unlock alot of articles. Most importantly, have fun playing RuneScape!

I cannot. I am not going to willingly help anyone get into such an addictive game. This shit will have you hooked for life, and it will let go. This isnt a joke about entertaining RuneScape is, this shit is fucking horrible, stuck clicking on the spots for tens of thousands of hours. You may decide for yourself if you would like to continue, blissfully ignorant of the particulars of RuneScape, or look deeper, and lose any humanity you've so that you may click rocks all day.

I feel like no other ones given you any genuine sound information so here's mine:Join a cc (clan chat.) I would recommend the one I am in (Elysium cc) It's amazing just how much being a part of a neighborhood can help u in RuneScape with just how overwhelming it's initially. Without being at a cc it a single RuneScape participant. Work towards obtaining Barrows Gloves. This will take 175 quest points and finishing a number of quests that will have u finish a quest called recipe for tragedy. These gloves are not only amazing to own, but every quest to get there'll have prerequisites and it's those quests which will provide you everything from travel like fairy rings to cheap RS gold obtaining new areas of the map. Id type into"recipe for disaster" to google and go into the one that is the wiki osrs link (likely the first one.)


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