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Mom's good helper-nasal aspirator

Mom's good helper-nasal aspirator

Many mothers may still use traditional methods to deal with the problems of runny nose and congestion in their babies, which makes the babies cry and are not willing to let their mothers wipe their noses. Now I want to introduce the Baby Nasal Aspirator to mothers in detail to help you solve your baby's problems and become a tasteful mother.

When should I use a nasal aspirator?

The nasal aspirator is suitable for use when the baby's nose is liquid at the beginning of a cold. When the baby has a serious cold and the nasal mucus is sticky, mothers can put a hot towel on the baby’s nose first, and then use it after diluting the nasal mucus.

How to use a nasal aspirator?

When in use, mothers should hold the baby in her arms and keep the baby from moving, so as not to poke the baby’s nose; press the rubber pump first, and then put it into the baby’s nostrils, not in the baby’s nostrils. Press the rubber pump, if this may cause damage to the nasal mucosa. If you strictly follow the requirements, the nasal aspirator is very safe and convenient.

Many mothers usually use a Double Electric Breast Pump to squeeze the milk in so that the baby can drink it in time when he needs to drink, but what should I do if the breast pump can't pump milk?

It is recommended that mothers ask professional breast masseurs to perform breast massage to promote milk discharge. At the same time, they can perform acupuncture treatment and take traditional Chinese medicine treatment. They can also use yuanming powder or magnesium sulfate for effective treatment, while drinking less soup.

It may be a problem with the breast pump. Check whether the diaphragm cover of the breast pump and the body of the breast pump are tightened, and whether the interface of each tube is tightly connected. Because the breast pump can only work normally in a closed environment, as long as one part is not tightened or connected properly, the breast pump will have no suction.


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