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Chronoshift was at no point accessible to the public

Chronoshift was at no point accessible to LoL smurf accounts the public. The job was in a Closed Beta development stage, with only a small number of chosen individuals from the community being allowed access for the explicit purpose of helping us assess for, diagnose and fix problems. After 4 decades of completely private development, this started to become mandatory, since we are not able to test full games if there aren't enough people to perform them. All footage you may find on youtube is uploaded gameplay by the testers from the free-play oriented testing sessions. Apart from the very first Reddit article per year ago announcing that the project and searching for people interested in helping us test and develop, we've made very little attempt to gain any publicity.

We've read a lot of misinformation about us"stealing" items and"with them as our very own". The match client for older versions of League of Legends is publicly available for downloading from Riot Games CDN for this exact minute. Anyone can put in it for themselves, without our involvement, following a simple search on Google. All of our testers have to do so. Various communities have made various tools to make this process more user-friendly, long until Chronoshift was even imagined. This customer of course contains all files necessary to perform with a particular variant of League of Legends like models, textures, animations, sounds etc.. None of these were supplied, distributed or modified from us in any manner.

Notably in addition, it gives the user the operation to connect to any server that they choose through an IP address, without any kind of modification. A participant asking their client to connect to an unofficial server such as Chronoshift may violate a specific part in Riots TOS. Individuals on the testing team were aware of this, and made an informed decision. Official Riot agents like"Riot Zed" certainly don't seem to think much of it when they're ones doing it - they made use of their"Better Discord" plugin to"find people and things" such as the hidden channels on our host - which simplifies Discords TOS.

People have asked us to accept donations time and time again, and we obtained a large amount of bribery efforts from people trying to buy access to the job - the biggest sum provided was $800 to buy LoL accounts get a slot on the testing team. It goes without saying that we diminished any and every one these offers. Real-money content like skins was of course also made inaccessible to testers.


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