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sex doll is like a girlfriend

What is the difference between an inflatable doll and a sex doll?

1. sex doll
The material of the sex doll is divided into pure silica gel (expensive) and TPE (cheaper).

Advantage 1: The sex doll is not easy to produce oil, no smell, not easy to stain, not easy to stain, and more importantly, not easy to crack and damage

Advantage 2: The material is smooth and elastic in nature, closer to the touch of real human muscles.

Disadvantages: expensive

Service life: 6~10 years or more.

Price: It will be more expensive.

TPE sex doll :

Advantage 1: Cheap

Advantage 2: The material is very soft, and the doll can be as deep as the skeleton by pressing

Disadvantage 1: It is easier to be damaged by impact or cut by sharp objects. Has obvious smell

Disadvantage 2: Oil is easier to produce, and more talcum powder is needed to remove the sticky feeling, and the dirt is easier to contaminate.

The price of TPE sex silicone doll is much cheaper, generally only a few thousand yuan, you can buy a good one at around 5,000 yuan, and even an entry-level one at around 2,000 yuan, which is about 1 meter, and very cost-effective.

Service life: 3~5 years.

Price: Relatively cheaper than pure silica gel.
The best way to distinguish between silicone and love doll  is to look at the price. Many silica gels start at tens of thousands of yuan, and some of the imported prices are as high as more than 100,000 yuan.

sex dolls are mixed in the market. You can buy one sex doll as small as one thousand to several hundred yuan (normal sex doll is not inflatable), and one sex doll as large as tens to ten thousand yuan. There is a distinction between the material and craftsmanship of the doll, of course.

There are also elements of inflated prices. But in the end, you still get what you pay for, and the craftsmanship and material determine the retail price of the doll.

But generally speaking, TPE can already be very delicate! Few people will buy more than 200,000 dolls! So here I will only introduce dolls made of TPE material! If you want to buy silicone dolls, you can consider the following points:

Benefit 1:  WM doll with oral sex, vaginal sex, breast sex, and anal sex (some silicone dolls are not so versatile)

Benefit 2: The touch and appearance are super realistic, which is much different from inflatable dolls

Benefit 3: Just like a real girlfriend, stay by your side at any time, not noisy or noisy

Benefit 4: Posture can be changed arbitrarily, inflatable doll can not do this

Benefit 5: Products with relatively good touch and high CP value
As mentioned above, the texture of the all-silicone WM doll is slightly harder because its material is harder. The TPE solid silicone doll is softer and feels better to the touch. In terms of experience, TPE solid silicone dolls are actually better than all silicone dolls.


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