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It takes away all of your special pub and your special

It OSRS Items takes away all of your special pub and your special bar recharges in 8 mins after. In the event you chooose zamorak then he'll help you ruin saradomin who is level 990 zamorak will help greatly. Afterwards guthix will come and zamroak will attempt to take him down only to be banished into a cage. Zamorak gives you his armor before disapearing and you will be transported to the plane summoner. Zamoraks armor is even better than 3rd era and may be employed by mage, range warrior equally.

If you choose to do nothing afterward Wise old man will appear, scold you and attempt to stop the madness before being removed. Guthix will look before you and let you help him. You must now struggle both sardomin and zamorak however guthix is powerful and can help offensivey and recovery. It is a tough batlle. Guthix will then erase everything and yu is going to end up in a classic such as world and someone will utilize a cracker on you personally.

However before you are able to enjoy your party hat guthix will thank you personally and set everythnig to normal you'll arrive back at the ruined shrine with the guthix helm, which is very potent and strong and really helms rangers and mages accurcey. QUEST COMPLETE! Qp gained:4 rewards are above plus a skill scrolol that will give 500k buy RuneScape gold xp to whatever skill you want.

  • Created: Jun 11
  • Admin: Maymay


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