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Replica Ulysse Nardin Moonstruck 1069-113 Complications watch

The name richard mille mclaren is named after the name of an ancient watchmaker in the 18th century. When Boiocchi was also engaged in the distribution of high-end watches in his own country, Italy, he was not as afraid and worried about the huge impact that the flood-filled quartz watch would have on the watch industry. On the contrary, he firmly believes that the future watchmaking process must belong to mechanical watches with traditional Swiss crafts.

He has an enviable reputation in the creation of watches, and is known for his extraordinary hand and the technical magic of watchmakers, and has also received the attention of watch enthusiasts. “Showing our profession to the fullest is the speed of technology renewal and aesthetic innovation. Its managing director explained, “But I think it is also due to the eternal tradition of the Swiss watchmaking industry, which is integrated in our work today. And presented. ”
Entering the high-end market does not mean that it will run aground on its original craftsmanship.

The company has always been clearly positioned as a watch manufacturer that respects purely traditional watchmaking. However, time is awkward, and now its watches are more contemporary and innovative in design, but at the same time they are not only a watch, but also a representative of a class of manufacturers that reproduce the characteristics of classical watches.

The brand's fake richard mille watchmaking headquarters is located in Le Locle, Switzerland. In recent years, the company has continuously developed new movements in the field of complex watch manufacturing. Few brands will take the initiative to admit that one of their complex watch styles relies on technical assistance from external suppliers. In addition to the few watch connoisseurs, not many people know. However, from the three-question function to the complex functions such as the "track-type rotating tourbillon" and the drum display perpetual calendar, the brand company is one of the most innovative and competitive top-notch watch manufacturers in the watch industry.

The orbital rotating tourbillon is the brand's 2005 work and the first work of the Jean Dunand brand, which he co-founded with Thierry Oulevay. The watch includes a one-minute flying tourbillon that wraps around the dial every hour, while also showing a new power reserve display, a new image of the movement and a moon phase display on the back of the watch. The IO200 calibre on this watch was designed by the brand and patented. In this watch, the barrel is placed opposite the flying tourbillon, between the upper and lower splints, which are separated by struts and rotated on the ball bearings. The rotating upper splint has an opening to expose the tourbillon that rotates continuously.

The tourbillon is designed to be as high as possible, making it easier to see. The barrel is attached to a fixed central gear that, in conjunction with the contraction of the spring, pushes the barrel and the tourbillon to rotate. When the barrel rotates, the tourbillon frame of the transmission train rotates around the fixed circumference every minute. This design is extremely simple, reducing the number of rubies to 14 and greatly reducing friction. The watch was designed, replica swiss watches but how to wind the winding movement through a barrel that never stays in one place becomes a tricky problem.

stainless steel watch: The modern version of the Oyster Perpetual Sea-type watch is launched, which makes this legendary diver watch that was only released in 1967. This 40mm technical diver watch is water resistant up to 1,220 meters (4,000 feet) and features innovative technology and equipment, including Cerachrom ceramic rings, long-lasting Chromalight luminous materials, paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring, and shackle buckles. And the Glidelock strap extension. Originally designed for professional deep sea diving pioneers, the Hailing 4000 is equipped with a patented sputum valve in 1967, so that it can not afford the name of deep sea diving watches. During deep dive decompression, the air pressure will rise. At this point, the ingenious safety valve will release the helium from the case and ensure that the watch is effectively waterproof.

It has always been committed to fully displaying the characteristics of Scandinavian style into the design, advocating to maintain the simple style of the product, presenting the exquisite craftsmanship with simple lines, and letting the design speak for itself. The most important thing is to be able to maintain the exquisite beauty of the product design and truly meet the core themes of Scandinavia - replica watches uk modernism and functionalism.


Replica BRM V12-44 V6-44BLT-ABR LIMITED EDITION watch Price

1:1 replica watches


Brand BRM
Item Type Replica BRM Watches price
Movement Automatic
Case Stainless Steel
Clasp Type Folding
Strap Leather with Preforated Holes
Dial Color Black
Case size 44mm
Glass Sapphire
Gender men
Functions Hours
Boxes common box
Model Number V6-44BLT-ABR

replica tag heuer monaco To be honest, the real tourbillon in modern watches seems to have not had much information in the watch industry. I believe that most of the watchmakers, like me when I first came into contact with the tourbillon, felt that the experience of the process that was invented more than 100 years ago to eliminate the influence of gravity on the travel time of the pocket watch came from only two aspects: expensive 2: Complex. Therefore, I rarely want to explain the tourbillon in detail, but I always feel that the information I have in my hand is not enough. I don't know much about it. What about the details? So it took me several months to learn about the tourbillon and sort it out. I will explain it to you today. If you have a little understanding of the tourbillon, or if you are interested in learning about the tourbillon on the high imitation table. The application and the idea of the model opener, then this article is still worth a look.First of all, let me briefly introduce this specimen. Although this watch is affixed with the Patek Philippe logo, it does not have the authentic model of this watch in the existing original version of Patek Philippe. It can be said that this watch belongs to the Chinese model.

Creation. I specially selected this kind of watch with excellent workmanship and complicated functions. At the same time, the original version does not have a watch, and the watch that I manage is not sold by the high imitation watch mall. The purpose is to let everyone put aside the so-called "true" and "false". "Commercial conspiracy theory" and so on, and usually treat high-end watch craft.This watch is a standard 6-bit manual tourbillon with energy storage record & moon phase function. At the same time, it may be expensive. This watch uses hollow-faced technology and the tourbillon is also hollowed out. It is not that the design ability is weak, and because of the cost limitation, there is no relevant precious metal treatment on the movement. It is difficult to feel that this is actually a high imitation watch. patek philippe calatrava replica

The original design of the tourbillon is to offset the influence of gravity on the travel time of the watch. We all know that the traditional timepiece is made of a barrel, which transmits power to the balance spring to drive the second wheel to rotate, so that the mechanical watch can travel accurately if the second wheel is deformed. Even the displacement can be said to be inaccurate. at that time, the production of watches and clocks in Europe was mainly based on handicraft production. The technology of standard machinery to produce machinery did not exist, and there were not many new materials and solutions. The scheme is chosen for people. Most of the watches are still in the form of pocket watches. A rotary escapement invented to solve the problem of error. After everyone understands the tourbillon, let's take a look at this watch. This watch is a kind of sleek watch. In terms of appearance and design, it is actually a lot of highlights for people who really understand the table, but I believe that the average person may seem to be a few hundred dollars, and some people may feel that giving me a place. hublot manchester united watch


Bell & ross skull at

BELL & ROSS BR 01 Laughing Skull BR01-SKULL-SK-ST replica watch review

Quality: Japanese AAA
Case: micro-blasted stainless steel
strap: alligator leather
Watch Clasp: Pin Buckle
Glass: Sapphire Crystal
Dial Color: skull
Gender: male
Diameter: 46.00mm
Function: jaw moves when the watch is wound

urwerk ur-110 The most common condition of mechanical watch repair is nothing more than water ingress and collision. Unless the mechanical watch is waterproof, it is necessary to avoid the water in the case, because the water will cause mechanical corrosion and strong destructive power. The sea is hard to touch. Even if it is marked with a waterproof watch, it can only be protected for one year. Because the waterproof ring of the watch has been worn out for a whole year, plus sweat, dust and other inevitable external factors, it will be tired, so after one year. A new waterproof ring must be replaced, otherwise it will not have a waterproof function. In addition to waterproof, it is more important to prevent collision. Under the scope of economic ability, two or three watches may be replaced in daily life: wearing mechanical watches during static activities and wearing sports watches when exercising, so that when used in accordance with local conditions, it will help extend the service life of the watch.

The mechanical watch is driven by the mechanical gear and the spring. It is inevitable that the rotation will cause friction. Therefore, it is necessary to refuel and lubricate for a long time to reduce the wear rate of the parts. Otherwise, when the problem is solved, the problem is already very serious. It is best to return to the home every year to check if there is any improper use or water intake. In particular, Taiwan's climate is hot and humid, sweat, rain and dirty air have accumulated over the years, causing chronic erosion of machinery. The frequency and extent of damage are much higher than those in Europe, America and Japan. fake patek philippe

Therefore, "regular inspection" is very important; then every three years A thorough cleaning and maintenance is required. The most insured maintenance and repair, handed over to the orthodox agent for safer handling. The internal cleaning must be handed over to the professional master, and the external cleaning work, the mechanical watch owner may wish to do it yourself; brush the strap with a soft brush dampening cleaning solution, and finally rinse with water. Cases with waterproof function can also be cleaned in this way; do not brush the case without water resistance. Daily cleaning of the outside work is very important, because even if it is too small to be noticed, it will actually accumulate. If it is not cleaned, the strap will rust, rot or embrittle. Therefore, it is best for the owner to clean and clean. richard mille bubba watson

jacob & co astronomia tourbillon How to distinguish between waterproof and non-waterproof watches WATER RESIST is marked on the back cover of the waterproof watch, and not on waterproof.water-proof watch waterproof watches can be divided into three categories, waterproof for daily life, waterproof for daily use and waterproof for diving.Non-waterproof watch. When using a non-waterproof watch, avoid direct contact with moisture. When it is dripped, please dry it as soon as possible.Anything placed will cause stains or rust on the tablet. Please remove the watch when you sweat a lot or when using water.Waterproof for everyday life (WATER RESIST)It can prevent sweat, rain or water droplets when washing your face. Although it can prevent water droplets from being sprayed, it is not suitable for bathing, swimming, diving, etc.Intensive waterproofing for daily life (WATER RESIST 5BAR. 10BAR. 20BAR.)It can be used for work or sports (swimming, surfing, etc.) or snorkeling that often use water.

How to maintain the metal strap?If the metal strap is stained with sweat and placed, it will easily cause the strap to rust. When sweating, the strap may look clean, but it will easily ooze the metal rust on the strap and even stain the sleeves. Stained metal straps should be washed with soap. When the dirt is quite serious, gently scrub with a soft toothbrush. (Be careful not to wet the watch on non-waterproof watches.) After cleaning, to avoid moisture residue on the strap, please dry it carefully with a dry cloth. Do not use light water, thinner or medicine when servicing. Also, after using the intensive waterproof watch for daily life in sea water, do not use chemicals and wash it with water.For watches with a clockwork, the transfer part is easy to accumulate dirt, making the shaft tighter and tighter. audemars piguet royal oak replica

Please clean the shaft part at this time. About amalgam?The alloys made of mercury and other metals are called amalgams.Metals such as gold and silver, which are often used in the production of the watch body, can be made into different alloys by blending with mercury.amalgamWhen the metal strap is stained with mercury, the part will produce amalgam in a few minutes and will appear grayish white. After a few days, it is more likely that the range of discoloration will be expanded due to the difference in the amount of mercury.In order to drive the pointer, the analog watch uses a beating method to rotate it by the characteristics of the magnet. Therefore, if it is affected by strong external magnetic waves, it will cause normal operation, which is also the reason why the watch becomes faster, slower or stops. Digital watches do not use motors and are not affected by magnetic waves. When the time cannot be displayed normally due to the influence of the magnetic wave, it does not affect the machine itself of the timepiece. As long as it is away from the magnetic wave, it can return to normal operation, as long as the time is re-adjusted.

How to judge the phenomenon of amalgamIf a mercury component is detected from a place where the color is changed, it can be judged to be an amalgam phenomenon. Or, from the appearance, when there is no obvious boundary between the grayish white portion and the golden portion, the amalgam phenomenon can be presumed. Once this happens, the discolored part has changed into an alloy and cannot be removed by wiping or thinning. In this case, the case or strap must be replaced.Will electromagnetic waves affect the electronic watch?What is magnetic resistance? hublot mp-05 laferrari

Prevent magnetization. Although the watch is made of a material that is not easily magnetized, it is greatly affected by the magnetic field during walking, so keep away from the magnetic field. Normally wear a Rolex mechanical watch, try to stay away from the magnetic field, try not to catch water. Although the fully automatic mechanical watch has the magnetic field and waterproof performance, but pay attention to it as usual, the wearing time will be longer. reputable replica watch sites


carl f. bucherer patravi 00.10620.21.93.01 watch at

reputable replica watch sites

Review Replica Carl F. Bucherer PATRAVI TRAVELTEC FOURX 00.10620.21.93.01 watch

Brand Carl F. Bucherer
Item Type replica Carl F. Bucherer Patravi watches
Movement Automatic
Case Titanium
Strap rubber
Diameter 46.6 mm
Height 15.5 mm
dial color Skeletonized dial
clasp type Titanium pin buckle
Glass Sapphire
Gender men
Functions Date, Hour ,Minute,Small seconds,Chronograph: hour, minute and seconds counters Three time zones
Boxes common box
Model Number 00.10620.21.93.01

urwerk ur-110 Not only is the exterior of the Heritage Tourbillon Double Peripheral Limited Edition watch a beauty, but also the movement is a tremendous work of art and technical prowess. The new caliber, the in-house-made CFB T3000, witnesses both the tourbillon and automatic winding system peripherally mounted. The effect of peripherally mounting the tourbillon gives the effect of a cage floating in air, when, in fact, it is supported only peripherally using three friction-free ceramic ball bearings. Those bearing re built in to the outer case and ensure a stable connection and ultimate precision. Even the escapement design is unusual and uses nonmagnetic silicon for both the palette and the escapement wheel. The rotor is crafted in 22-karat rose gold. Making the already impressive double peripheral movement even more enticing is the fact that is a COSC-certified chronometer and offers 65 hours of power reserve.

This year marks the 130th anniversary of the Lucerne-Switzerland-based Carl F. Bucherer watch brand, and the company is celebrating in style. Recently in New York, the brand’s CEO Sascha Moeri announced the launch of the new Heritage Collection, designed to pay homage to the brands rich watchmaking roots, and unveiled the Heritage Tourbillon Double Peripheral Limited Edition watch. cheapest patek philippe

Created in a limited edition of just 88 pieces - recalling 1888, the founding year of the independently owned brand - the watch deftly combines state-of-the-art watchmaking technologies with aesthetic prowess. The 42.5mm 18-karat rose gold case is designed to reflect the beauty of the city of Lucerne, Carl F. Bucherer’s birthplace. The case shape and dial, with sunbrush finish, milled rings and diamond-shaped indices were inspired by a variety of Carl F. Bucherer watches from the 1960’s.A quick look at Carl F. Bucherer’s new Manero Flyback Retro and I’m sure you will realize this watch is a keeper. Boasting a 43 mm stainless steel case, this timepiece features a superb retro-themed dial and strap, matched by a double-domed AR-coated sapphire crystal, a sapphire display back, and decent diving capabilities as well.

The overall aesthetics of this watch will make a great first impression, but the technical side can’t be ignored either. The Swiss automatic Carl F. Bucherer caliber CFB 1970 with 25 jewels, 28,800 vph, and a power reserve of 42 hours keeps everything in motion, helping you enjoy every passing second. richard mille bubba watson

jacob & co astronomia tourbillon The WatchesTV captures Carl F. Bucherer CEO, Sascha Moeri, at Baselworld as he explains the group’s 130th anniversary, the new Manero Double Peripheral Tourbillon and a few of the other exciting new timepieces. Click below for a look at the video from The Watches TV. We will be back soon with a complete hands-on review of this incredible watch with our own images.Carl F. Bucherer has had a successful interaction in the world of film and now takes the next step - a starring role in the Charlize Theron movie Atomic Blonde, which also stars James McAvoy, John Goodman, Sofia Boutella, and Til Schweiger. Just last week in Berlin, Hollywood makes dreams come true on the big screen; our watches make dreams come true on your wrist,” says Sascha Moeri, CEO of Carl F. Bucherer. “David Leitch, who has been a partner of ours for many years, has produced another incredible movie with Atomic Blonde. We are delighted that our watche

s also play a starring role in the movie.” In fact, during the Berlin red carpet premier, Carl F. Bucherer even had a watchmaker’s bench and a watchmaker on the red carpet.Theron and other Hollywood stars, including director of Atomic Blonde and Carl F. Bucherer brand ambassador David Leitch, celebrated at the Berlin premier of the action-packed spy thriller. The film also stars Swiss actor and Carl F. Bucherer ambassador Daniel Bernhardt as the villain. Watches from Lucerne-based Carl F. Bucherer play a role, but for now that role is top secret. ulysse nardin freak

Earlier this year at Baselworld 2018, Swiss watch brand Carl F. Bucherer made a powerful statement about the brand’s watchmaking prowess when it unveiled the unique Manero Tourbillon DoublePeripheral watch with two patients (one still pending) and a superb design that allows for optimum viewing to the large-sized tourbillon. Powered by the in-house-made CFB T3000 unique movement developed and designed by the Manufacture, the watch is the world’s first to combine a peripheral automatic winding system and a peripherally mounted tourbillon. In fact with the peripheral mounting, the tourbillon seems to float in space much like a mystery tourbillon.

The engineers and watchmakers of Lucerne-based Carl F. Bucherer spent several years developing the new CFB T3000 caliber that is a technical blend of mechanics, technology, and top-notch craftsmanship. The flying tourbillon is visible not just from above, but also from below - through the sapphire crystals. Thanks to the fact that the master engineers and watchmakers at Carl F. Bucherer developed a tourbillon cage that is supported peripherally by three ceramic ball bearings that ensure a stable connection, the uninhibited view of the constantly rotating cage is one of the best on the market - a mesmerizing dance of mechanics floating in space. By placing the one-minute tourbillon cage at 12:00, the brand accomplishes a bold yet alluring look.

The 43mm case size is not too large at all because the openness of the tourbillon draws one’s eye to it and the case size seems to generously support that bold yet beautiful look. Additionally, the fact that this watch has a patent on the peripheral rotor, and a patent pending on the tourbillon, and is COSC-certified chronometer, I think it demonstrates top-notch watchmaking prowess worthy of attention. hublot mp-05 laferrari

The famous Patrouille-Suisse display team used the legendary Hawker Hunter Mk 58 planes for almost thirty years. The war birds that came into service in the late 1950s were officially retired only in 1994. Like it always happens, the old planes were substituted for more agile and maneuverable Northrop F-5E Tiger II jets.Writing off an obsolete plane is like killing an old horse: if you are a good man, you just can’t help crying.Some time later, the many fans of the team started a public campaign for saving the British-built planes from being sold as scrap metal.


Replica Franck Muller 2019 Skafander Chronograph SKF 46 DV CC TT TTNRBR TTNR RED watch

Replica Franck Muller 2019 Skafander Chronograph SKF 46 DV CC TT TTNRBR TTNR RED watch

Brand Franck Muller
Item Type replica Franck Muller Skafander Watches
Movement Self winding
Case Titanium / PVD coating
Case size 46 x 57 x 15.6 mm
Strap Rubber
Dial color Black red
Glass Sapphire
Gender men
Year 2019
Boxes common box
Functions Minutes / Seconds / Hours / Date

hublot replica Not that I have ever looked for it specifically, but I have never stumbled upon it anywhere online, other than when featured with the company’s official photos. Meanwhile, as years passed, I have in fact worn and/or seen in the wild most all of the craziest watches the horological world has managed to bring to this world. The Aeternitas Mega 4 was, however, nowhere to be seen - at least in those parts of the world that I frequented. The Miraculous Encounter happened unexpectedly on the last day of our SIHH 2018 trip this January, when this watch just… appeared. I was baffled, but not baffled enough to miss calling first dibs before proceeding to take hands-on pictures of this beast myself. Here’s how the Aeternitas Mega 4 looked and felt like in the real world.First, the basics of the complexities. 36 complications, 23 indications via 18 hands and 5 discs, 1,483 components, 99 jewels, 91 wheels (!), 7 pushers and 4 correctors, five years of planning and, reportedly, a full year to assemble… Oh, and a price tag of around $2.7 million. These are the figures the Franck Muller Aeternitas Mega 4 shocked the world with at the end of 2009 - even if watches with well over 1,000 components had existed before it.

one of the original independent brands, specializes in high complications and was the first watchmaker to begin making tourbillons specifically for women. Its first ladies’ tourbillon was introduced in 2008, and was called, simply, Lady Tourbillon, which gives you an idea of how rare such a thing was back then - no need to identify it in any other way; if it was a Lady Tourbillon, it was a Franck Muller. Today, there are three “lady tourbillons” in the Franck Muller collection: one in the Round collection, one in the Heart collection, and the one in the Vanguard Lady collection, introduced last week during the brand’s WPHH, World Presentation of Haute Horology. The Franck Muller Vanguard Heart Skeleton, a beautifully skeletonized ladies’ watch that is actually more expensive than the tourbillon. audemars piguet replica

By the way, ladies, if you like a larger watch (44mm wide), you may prefer the men’s Vanguard Gravity tourbillon, which is set with just under 9 carats of diamonds. The bridges are a point of interest on the Vanguard tourbillons. They are built on three axes in concave and convex shapes that form an elliptical circle in an overall composition that is very three-dimensional. The bridge is the central feature of the watch, and it is this feature that Franck Muller uses to apply a feminine touch to the Lady Vanguard Gravity. One of the bridges is made of anodized aluminum that has been tinted hot pink. The color is matched on the outline of the numerals, the markings on the minute track, the crown cap, and the strap. Compared to some of Franck Muller’s other watches, particularly ladies’ watches, this piece is actually understated in its feminine codes.

However, Franck Mueller has recently announced a completely new watch which departs from their core design language - the new Franck Muller Master Diving watch, a 46.33mm wide, stainless steel, automatic diver’s chronograph with some vintage styling.Clearly not intended to be subtle, the new Master Diving Collection boasts a wrist-crushing 46.33mm wide by 55.4mm long by 13.8mm thick case finished off with a large, signed, screw-down crown and black-finished, oval shaped chronograph pushers. A lumed ceramic bezel insert helps out with durability and makes for easy elapsed time tracking. While clearly large, the Master Diving case looks to be shaped to wrap around the wearer’s wrist and is well integrated into a black rubber strap, which secures by way of a signed tang buckle. popular tag heuer replica watches

richard mille nadal when it comes to watches, especially mechanical watches, there is no denying that they are incredibly complex miniature machines. Have you wondered how those watches are designed and validated before the first piece of metal is cut? This used to be entirely done by hand with drawings and slow prototyping. However, starting in the 1990s, the watch industry has moved toward using design and engineering software to create everything from cases to movements.The rest of the new Franck Muller Tourbillon Lady 3080 T is equally petite. The 18k white gold tonneau shaped case is 42mm high, and 30mm wide. Surprisingly, it is only 10mm thick, which makes it very thin for a tourbillon watch. It is manually wound in-house movement with 80 hours of power reserve in two barrels. Pretty nice for a such a small watch. On the back of the case is another sapphire window for a view of the movement.

While the look of the watch is familiar to the typical tonneau shaped cases that Franck Muller is know for, the design and functionality of the watch is pretty unique. This watch has a lot going on both on the front and back of the watch, and all revolves around the chronograph functions. Actually instead of being flamboyant and flashy, this watch is almost a pure vintage style instrument. The watch face itself is smaller, and placed in the lower center of the face - with quite the tool like look (something I’d probably guess being on a Sinn watch or Panerai). As the chronograph function is central to the Triple Scale Chronograph, it is quite impressive. Not only is it a split second double chronograph (rattrapante), but carry’s over to the back of the watch for more functionality. It is actually rather clever because the functions on the back are rarely used, but are there when you need it, and it is probably not that big of a deal to take the watch off when using those functions. The rear features include a: tachymeter scale (measures speed), a pulsometer (measures pulse), and a telemeter. urwerk replica

The Franck Muller of today is more restrained and simple that its former self. While the air of avant garde still remains, as a brand they have consolidated and are trying to focus on what really works for them. A few months ago the rumor of a new entry-level in-house movement hinted at the upcoming release of these Vintage Curvex 7-Days Power Reserve models. And here they are. Fresh from Geneva with that iconic Curvex (which most people call tonneau) shaped case and a new long-power reserve movement.

The models seen are just the gold versions, they will be offered in steel as well. The press release from Franck Muller focused almost entirely on the movement and not the watches themselves. I truly hate when that happens, as it makes it most difficult to tell people exactly what they will be able to buy. What’s with the cloak and dagger approach Franck Muller? Having said that I am pretty sure that the watches will be in the 35.90mm wide x 50.30mm tall versions of the Curvex case… or something very close. I have to say that Franck Muller (for me) is the brand that made tonneau-shaped cases seem wearable. Before Franck Muller, I felt this style of case only looked good on the wrists of men with extremely plump fingers who regularly smoke cigars.

Why Franck Muller decided to place their new in-house made FM 1700 caliber movement in a Vintage styled watch isn’t clear to me. The new Vintage Curvex watch isn’t much different than most other models, save for some dial details. One version has a railroad track style minute marker ring, while other versions have more clean dials with just the hour markers and that iconic Franck Muller font. Light and dark dial options with gold trim make for an attractive appearance. breitling replica

Available in no less than five dial colors (black, blue, white, orange, and red) the Master Diving dial sports traditional Arabic hour markers and lumed, polished sword hands. Chronograph sub-dials are located at three and six o'clock while the running seconds display is at nine o'clock. Dial text is straightforward with Franck Muller's logo at twelve and “Master Diving/100m=330ft” tucked in at six. The lack of a date window speaks to Franck Muller's apparent intentions in designing a real purpose-oriented diver's watch. A chapter ring, printed with second measurements and lumed in the hour marker positions, surrounds the dial and is itself surrounded by a ring of tiny letter “Ms” for Muller, in case you forgot. best replica watch site


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