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Login errors can be a reason of real worry and trouble if they aren’t sorted out on a timely basis. Of a user is unable to login into website, software or application, the concerned just cannot work on that. The username and password are the gateways to access. The software developers develop different programs on a daily basis. Some are encrypted with privacy and password so that the data inside them cannot be leaked or is not misused by the cyber hackers. Among them is AOL Desktop Gold software. When you would have downloaded the software and installed it in the operating system, you must have made a login ID which you use for signing in into the AOL Desktop software. You can encounter with AOL Desktop Gold login error. Some of them include blank screen, staying on the login page while trying to log in or receiving error messages such as Unable to sign in.

There can be several reasons for this issue and this blog has tried to target all the issues and provide with solutions to them. The login errors generally happen due to network connectivity issues or server errors, password reset or forgot password problems or some issues with the username. Let’s take a look at how all of these snags can be resolved.

  • Net connectivity issues: One of the most common and basic reasons for the login problems can be issues with the network connectivity. You must verify whether your device is getting proper signals or not. If you are using a wireless connection, switch off the router once and switch it back again. Connect the device back to the Wi0Fi connection and try to be in its vicinity.
  • Password recovery or Forgot password issues: Open the AOL Desktop Gold page and type your username. While adding your password, tap on “Forgot password’ and choose the option of password recovery via the register email ID or phone number. Answer the prompts and you will get a recovery key or code at the option that you choose for recovery. With the help of the recovery key, reset the password.

If you are facing the issue of entering the wrong password then check that you the Caps Lock is on or off as per requirement, you re pressing the Shift key while typing the characters.

  • Clear all the caches, cookies and history of the web browser
  • Close all the tabs that might be running in the background
  • Update the web browser
  • Try to use any other web browser other than Internet Explorer
  • Login after some time as the server may be down
  • Make sure that you entering the correct email address.

The trouble of not able to sign in to the AOL Gold will definitely be resolved while employing the given steps. If you face any technical difficulty, then you must immediately Contact AOL Desktop Gold  to get a guided solution.


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[1-844-224-8288] AOL Desktop Gold Reinstall 1-844-224-8288 AOL Support

How to reinstall AOL Desktop Gold  windows

There are times when you are required to reinstall AOL Desktop Gold because of compatibility issues or problems with the desktop gold software itself. And when these instances happen, you need to know how you can safely uninstall it first so that you will be able to reinstall the software. But before you can move forward with the procedure, check if the system requirement is verified before you download AOL Desktop Gold or else you will keep having software complications repeatedly. After you have updated your Windows 10 on your computer, you often stumble upon the need to reinstall AOL Desktop Gold because of conflicting software problems. This needs to be done at the earliest if you want to continue using desktop gold.

How to uninstall AOL Desktop Gold in Windows.

Before you can reinstall Desktop gold, first you must uninstall it from the system. And to do that you need to follow the steps below:

  • On your windows screen, click on the start button and go to the control
  • Under the control panel you will see the option called ‘programs’ and under this, you need to click on ‘programs and features’.
  • Now select either ‘remove programs and features’ or ‘uninstall a program’. When the list of all the programs are displayed, click on AOL Desktop Gold icon and click ‘remove’ or ‘uninstall’.
  • After you are done with the uninstallation process, restart the system and proceed with the reinstallation procedure.

Reinstall AOL Desktop in windows.

After you have successfully uninstalled the software, follow the steps below to reinstall it on the system.

  • First things first, go to the official AOL site to download the .exe file for the latest AOL Desktop Gold version.
  • After the download is complete, locate it and open it on the computer. Click ‘install now’ to start the procedure.
  • When the installation is done, log in using your credentials and accept any importing messages to let you have access to your previous data.

The above points are the necessary steps you must apply to reinstall AOL Desktop Gold on Windows. Be sure to follow the steps exactly and be very careful while downloading the software file. Make sure to download it from a reliable source or else you could end up downloading viruses and malware to your system. If you are faced with technicalities during the process, you can get help from the online AOL customer service site.


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[1-844-224-8288] How to restore AOL Desktop Gold icon missing from desktop ?

 AOL Desktop Gold Software Link

How would you feel, if suddenly the AOL Desktop Gold icon goes missing from your desktop? It had become your favorite software and you used to use it to access different things and all of a sudden, you are not able to locate the icon. Those who have been in constant use of this software knows very well that it becomes really easy to access this software by just clicking the icon. It provides with super fast speed to browse the web, listen to millions of songs, get updated with news and is also encrypted with security features.  It can be a usual error faced by the users and for sure it has a proper solution. If this ever happens with you, then there is no need to feel anxious or confused. This blog will definitely help you with the method to solve the error and will also discuss the causes that would have led to this snag. The first thing that you should keep in mind that you should always latest Updated Software Link of AOL Desktop Gold from the official website by not altering with the system requirements

It could be possible that due to these reasons, you are not able to locate the AOL desktop gold missing icon:

  • Maybe it was deleted by mistake when you were organizing the desktop icons or were deleting some folders.
  • The automatic software was not working, and you just skip the warning of a manual update too many times.
  • Any anti-virus software installed in your device causing this issue.
  • The system requirements and the software not compatible with each other.
  • Any Hardware related issue.

Steps to restore AOL Desktop Gold icon missing from desktop:

You can restore the missing icon by following the given step. The process will be completed within just 5-10 minutes

Fixing it from AOL Gold software-

  • Open AOL Gold software
  • Now with the help of the mouse pointer, place in on the AOL gold icon present in the dock.
  • A pop-up menu will appear
  • Choose the option of ‘Keep in the dock’

If even after trying the step you are still not able to restore the AOL Desktop Gold Missing Icon, then you must install it again in your system with proper installation procedure or get in touch with the customer care team.


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[1-844-224-8288] Installation Error AOL Desktop Gold on Windows 10

Download Link For AOL Desktop Gold

AOL Desktop Gold is a software that has become extremely popular among its users. The software is compatible with Windows and Mac. It is an updated version of the AOL desktop with added security features. It provides access to miscellaneous apps at a single place. There are a few steps and necessities that one needs to keep in mind while installing this software. To install any software in the system, it becomes really important to first ensure that the system requirements are correct or not. If the system requirements and the software installation, doesn’t match, then it would be really difficult to install that particular software. AOL desktop gold software, also needs to be compatible with the windows 10 system to which it needs to be installed, otherwise once the download process has been completed, sometimes it shows an error in installing the software. One of the reasons that could be behind this error, and it is usually met by Windows 10 user, can be because the concerned has not installed the Windows 10 update or when both the requirements do not meet and are not compatible with each other. If you wish to rectify AOL desktop Gold installation error on Windows 10, then you have to come to the right place. You need to work on the solution which will be provided to you by going through the steps written below:

The first thing that you need to ensure is software compatibility requirements.

If the system requirements are not met, the installation process can be quite tricky. So it is advised that you check it before even starting with the downloading process.

  • 1 GB RAM and stable internet connection.
  • The latest update of the web browser that you use.
  • The computer processor having a speed of 266 MHz or more.
  • Computer screen resolution to be a minimum of 1024X768.

Once you have met the system requirements, try reinstall AOL desktop gold for Windows software again. And if you don’t get any success, then you need to move back to the prior software version.

  • Press the Windows key and go to the settings of your computer.
  • Now under the options of settings, choose the Update Security option.
  • Once you would have chosen it, you will be able to see the recovery Select the option of ‘go back to Windows 8.1’. Then press the ‘get started’ button and you will be able to go back to the prior version.

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Once through with the process, you will be able to fix the AOL desktop gold installation error on Windows 10.


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