swati47788: Find the best Hot Stone Massage in Delhi

Find the best Hot Stone Massage in Delhi

Oct 12 2019 at 04:20am

The result is an extremely relaxing experience in which the energy of the Earth is combined and the power of essential oils, bringing in a note of mysticism of ancient civilizations. During massage, excess fluid is released from the body and removed accumulated toxic substances.

The experience begins with the massage of the entire body with oil enriched with essential substances, drainage and stimulating action. Then follows the massage, alternating with cold and warm stones, which favors the expansion of the capillaries, stimulates circulation of the lymph and has a drainage and detoxification effect. With complete relaxation.

The hot stone stone massage is based on the ancient tradition of using warm stones for therapeutic purposes. Unique in its technique, Hot stone massage allows for the permeation of thermo-dynamic benefits of basalt / volcanic stones and beneficial properties of essential oils.

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