petfoodcontainer: 3 Materials of Pet Food Container (Pro and Cons)

3 Materials of Pet Food Container (Pro and Cons)

May 8 2019 at 10:16pm

Do you have a pet dog? If the answer is yes, you might also worry your dog’s food is exposed, your dog may locate the stash, or that the food may even go stale. Then you need a good pet food container, What type of material is best for Pet Food Container?

There are three basic materials manufacturers use to make pet food containers: plastic pet food container, stainless pet food container and wood pet food container.


  • More affordable than other materials

  • Lighter than other containers

  • It prevents water and moisture from entering the food and does not rust like metal.

  • Easy to know how much food you have left


  • Need to wash a new bin a few times in order to get rid of the plastic smell.

  • It is good idea to look for a thick, durable plastic that won’t be prone to cracking or susceptible to being chewed!

Stainless Pet Food Container:


  • Sleek look of stainless steel pet food container

  • Avoid the smell of plastic

  • Durable and long-lasting

  • Very easy to keep clean

  • Help prevent your dog’s food from spoiling


  • It is a bit expensive

Wood Pet Food Container


  • The look of natural wood enclosures is beautiful;

  • Usually very durable

  • Wood is a bit of a throw-back material


  • Wood pet food container (unless it is finished with a good water-proof sealer) shouldn’t be used to store unbagged food

  • Wood pet food container containers are rarely insect-proof

  • Wood pet food container won’t help keep your dog’s food as fresh

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