Crawlerma: There are also some major upgrades to your Madden 20 player

There are also some major upgrades to your Madden 20 player

Jan 18 2020 at 10:34pm

Many core models have also been adjusted. The biggest new feature is Pro Bowl, which allows you to play games of the same name, and the last roster can also participate. It's fun to have an all star game with X-factor and ability everywhere, and do a good job showing off the new system, although I don't know how important it is to add a game of mixed teams and new uniforms. Franchising has also been upgraded, many of which are popular. Although things have changed a lot, you can still play the role of coach, player or boss. Many things remain the same: you can still choose from many of the same prototypes, still practice in the same way, and still spy on players, manage salaries and everything else that players, coaches or bosses usually do. But now, people pay more attention to relationships. For example, if you are a coach, players who are not satisfied with the way they are used may contact you and ask you to play a bigger role in the next game. You can agree to involve them, which improves their morale, but you have to follow and accomplish certain goals. Otherwise, their morale will drop.


At the end of a great game, players may also contact you to say they feel they can make more contributions. Making sure they do this will enable them to improve their development traits, which will mean they will gain more experience, and if they are high enough, they will gain superstar or X factor traits. These requirements are usually demanding, but you may not be able to meet them, causing the player to return to the first party. Coaches must also communicate with journalists and their attack and defense coordinators, who will advise on upcoming games and how to deal with star players. You will eventually choose what to do, but if you ignore them and they don't work, you will receive a letter from them. You can also choose to coach or have other players coach some players, and usually manage the locker room. Players have similar options to build relationships with teammates and coaches to influence their data and change the course of the game.

There are also some major upgrades to your player. Instead of selecting specific statistics, you buy Madden coins and then your general skills will be improved. For example, improving the blocking effect improves the character's blocking ability, not just one. It's a more realistic system that focuses on new social statistics and makes "Hey coach, what skills should I learn?" The answer is possible. Now, scouting will also tell you if players are right for your plan, or even develop traits, ranging from normal to X-factor superstars, and determine how quickly they gain experience and what skills, if any, they have. All of this makes the franchise model easier to invest, no matter what role you play, and more willing to stay in the next draft or next season, because you know that you may find players with Superstar talents or change your custom roles to new players to make meaningful progress. There have also been several UI changes that are independent of the franchise model that tell you about the accuracy of passing and kicking. These are small changes, but they are very different.

The ultimate team also saw some adjustments. The biggest of these tasks is the task, which can provide you with the goal to complete, so as to get the players you need. Compared with the previous games, the new settings are clearer and the layout is more reasonable. Although EA obviously wants you to do so, I rarely feel the hint of spending money. The player's open package is accompanied by a flash of animation, and if you don't have enough materials to do things like upgrade cards, the game will be happy to redirect you to the auction house so you can buy (though, note that you can use the in game currency). Still, adding tasks is a great task, and it's easier to invest in the ultimate team if you like.

According to the CNN article, he made $2 million using his name. They didn't specify each year, but I think it is. Although the game is basically a monopoly in terms of football, it has earned about $4 billion so far and sold more than 100 million copies. EA, the game maker, has also paid $50 million to the players' Association to use their avatars. Unfortunately (or fortunately) depending on what you think of his comments, he no longer sounds to the game, not since 2009.


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